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 While Staying in the Math

 All pilgrims staying in the Math that desire to obtain maximum spiritual benefit while residing in the Dham are requested to observe the behavior befitting a sadhaka. Thus, the following activities are strictly prohibited on the Math property.
* Smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing pan/tobacco, or drinking tea.
* Eating meat, fish, eggs, onion or garlic.
* Playing cards or gambling.
* Playing loud non-devotional music.
* Irreligious relationships between men/women or boys/girls.
* Shouting, arguing, or otherwise creating a disturbance to other guests.

Additionally, guests are kindly requested to:
* Please make use of the waste bins that have been provided.
* Please switch off fans and lights when not in use or when not present in your room.
* Please close water taps when not in use.
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